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Question about the Bottling Process

posted Feb 18, 2015, 9:31 PM by Ellen Kane
Question: I was confused on the bottling process a little as I am trying to calculate Production Interval.  i understand that there is changeover time for formula and bottle size, and startup time.  How does the game work out the issue, let's say on a given day if three skus are being produced, let's say OJ 1L, OJ PET, and OJ/Mango 1L?  Will the game automatically calculate the most efficient process, to Minimize changeover time?  FOr example not switching formulas, and just switching sizes.

Answer: My understanding from when I trained is that the software calculates based on demand, backlogs, production intervals, and safety stock levels, how much for each is needed and which would run out first and replenishes based on which runs out first