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Questions about Assigning/Switching Roles in the Case Simulation

posted Feb 12, 2015, 5:04 PM by Ellen Kane
Question: I'm excited about competing in this years competition, and in trying to prepare for the case, my team has started looking into the practice case. We understand that there are certain roles that each team member will take responsibility for. My question lies in the role assignment options, when I logged on to choose my role and begin the case with my team, I was only presented with one option, the Watch option. I wanted to make sure this is correct and/or is this how it will be for the actual competition start for next Monday. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Answer: Are you on a team with 5 people?  I think the group has to decide who has what role, so if you were the last to log on, then that might be the only role available to you.Doing it this way prevents folks from crossing over each other during play. During the play now, if the team wants to change roles, someone has to unclick from their role for it to show up so you can click on the opened up role and play it. At the same time you would unclick from your watchers role so that person can take it on.