• Graduate and Undergraduate teams will receive the same case study problem.
  • Each team will submit a PowerPoint presentation by 4pm and present an 8-minute proposal presentation. All members must stand for the presentation and at least 2 team members must speak.
  • Only team numbers should be used on presentations. Do not use school names or wear apparel that identifies which school you attend.
  • Use of reference books and computers is acceptable and encouraged, but students must furnish them on their own.
  • No help from anyone NOT on the team.
Preliminary Rounds (ends Friday at 4 p.m.).
  • Presentation is worth 50% and judged by 3 anonymous judges
  • ROI from the Case Simulation is worth 50%.
Final Round (for top teams only - ends at Saturday at 11 a.m.)
  • Presentation is worth 50% of final score and judged by all APICS Professionals
  • ROI is worth 50% of the final score
  • There may be a brief Q&A session to the team following each final presentation.