Planning Committee

 Planning Committee Members

Committee Chair:  Lisa Anderson, CSCP
Coordinates all aspects of the competition and assists committee members.

Committee Chair Elect:    Open
Assists the Committee Chair in all required aspects of the competition. Will serve as Committee Chair the following year.
Case Expert:    Chuck Nemer, CPIM, CLTD 
Facilitator of the simulation case and available during the Q&A period for the competition.

Director of Logistics:  Ellen Kane, CPIM
Coordinate local hospitality requirements.

Director of Judging:  Rohit Parangath, CPIM, CSCP
Recruit and train judges for the competition. Compile scores at the competition.

Director of Marketing/Outreach:  Bret Noe, MBA, CLTD, CPIM, CSCP
Market event to chapters, universities, and businesses.

Director of Administration: Ellen Kane, CPIM
Tracks and administers competition registrations.

Director of Finance: Ellen Kane, CPIM
Collects and manages all competition donations and entry fees.

Director of Social Media: Rohit Parangath, CPIM, CSCP and Bret Noe, MBA, CLTD, CPIM, CSCP
Updates Facebook Page with information about the competition.

Southwest District Manager: Jerry Gonzalez, CSCP