2017 San Diego

One hundred and four (104) students from 17 different schools competed as 23 teams in the APICS West Coast 11th Annual Student Case Competition on February 17-18, 2017 in San Diego, California. This event was hosted by the APICS Southwest District and coincided with the district meeting. As in previous years, there were two separate divisions – a Graduate and an Undergraduate division. Ten (10) teams competed in the graduate division, and 13 teams in the Undergraduate division.  The case was a computer simulation game called “The Fresh Connection”. There were multiple rounds played by each team followed by oral presentations, delivered to judges on Friday evening.

Arizona State University took first and second place honors in the Graduate division (Teams 19 and 20, respectively).  Undergraduate division winner was Harvey Mudd College (Team 12) while second place was awarded to San Diego State University (Team 3).

Harvey Mudd College (Team 12) received the highest score out of the two divisions and will be invited to compete at a case competition at the APICS International Conference & Expo in San Antonio, TX in October, representing the Southwest District. This was their first time participating in The Fresh Connection.

Prior to attending the competition, students completed up to 4 practice rounds and a “real” round of the game. On-site, students completed 2 additional rounds of the simulation game on Friday morning. At 4:00 p.m. that same day they submitted their PowerPoint presentation. All teams presented Friday evening to determine the top two teams from each division that would compete in the final round of judging Saturday morning. Saturday's finalists competed in one more additional round of the game, and then presented their report, orally, to the APICS professionals who were present.  They were also faced with Q&A from the audience. The judges for the final round were the chapter leaders of the Southwest District.

took on the role of key vice presidents of the juice company (Sales, Operations, Purchasing and Supply Chain) to develop and execute those strategies to turnaround the company which was losing money. Students presented to the judges who took on the role of the company’s Board of Directors.  Students competed for cash awards provided by the chapters of the Southwest Districts.

Participating teams are listed below and color-coded by District. Southwest, Pacific Western, Terra Grande, Canadian and International

Undergraduate Teams        

Team 1 – Cal Poly Pomona

Team 2 – Cal Poly Pomona

Team 3 - San Diego State University (2nd Place winner)

Team 6 – Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey Campus Queretaro

Team 7 – University of San Diego

Team 11 - California State University, Chico

Team 12 – Harvey Mudd College (1st Place Winner)

Team 15 – Sam Houston State University

Team 16 – University of La Verne

Team 17 - California State University, Northridge

Team 18 - California State University, Northridge

Team 22 – Cal Poly Pomona

Team 23 - Northern Arizona University

Graduate Teams

Team 4 – Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez

Team 5 – Thunderbird School of Global Management

Team 8 - University of San Diego

Team 10 - Arizona State University

Team 19 - Arizona State University (1st Place Winner)

Team 20 - Arizona State University (2nd Place Winner)

Team 21 – Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

Team 24 - University of Southern California

Team 25 – Hult International Business School

Team 26 – Texas Christian University (TCU)